Review | Revenge thriller is on the menu with Nicholas Cage in ‘Pig’

Pig | Dir: Michael Sarnoski | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Robin (Nicholas Cage) lives a reclusive life in his small wooden shack in the middle of the Oregon wilderness. It’s just him and his truffle-foraging pig, and the occasional visit from the young, arrogant and ambitious Amir (Alex Wolff) who exchanges his truffles for some basic provisions.

A man of few words, the former renowned chef is forced to leave his reclusive existence when his hut is broken into in the middle of the night, he is beaten and his pig is stolen from him. Still covered in blood, he calls Amir to take him to Portland so he can get his pig back.

As Robin uses his former contacts in the world of high-end restaurants in Portland to track down his pig, it becomes apparent that this is more about a clash of values than a revenge thriller. Eventually, Robin has to face his most powerful adversary – Darius (Adam Arkin) who just happens to be Amir’s father.

Both Robin and Darius have suffered the loss but while Robin has returned to the simple pleasures of the natural world, Darius is out to show that he can still do whatever it takes to rule the business world, even if it is only his small part of the world. It is Amir who is caught in between the two patriarchs and has to work out whose values he wants to emulate.

Michael Sarnoski’s first feature film is very dark, both in form and content, but it is through the darkest of journeys that we learn the greatest lessons. Described as “a meditation on life values in three acts” and featuring a delicious meal in each act, there is never a dull moment.

On Sunday 19 September, Luna Cinemas has a special truffle flavoured afternoon from 3.30 pm. Patrons can purchase from the bar while indulging in some complimentary truffle flavoured treats thanks to the Great Southern Truffles. Pig is screening at 4pm.

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Lezly Herbert

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