Olympian Sofia Goggia says gay men not up to competitive skiing

Italian Skiing champion Sofia Goggia has apologised after she suggested gay men would not be able to take on the challenges of the world’s most difficult ski slopes.

The Olympian was speaking to Italian daily newspaper Corriere Della Sera when she was asked about LGBTIQA+ inclusion within her sport. She said that there was some inclusion amongst the women, but then suggested there may not be a place for gay men in the male competition.

“Among men I would say no. They have to throw themselves off Kitz’s Streif.” Goggia said.

The Streif is a downhill ski course in Austria that is located on Hahnenkamm Mountain in Kitzbühel, Tyrol. It’s considered to be one of the hardest ski slops in the world that takes a high degree of skill and bravery to tackle.

Goggia also outlined her opposition to transgender women taking part in the sport saying they had physical advantages over women.

The athlete later posted an apology to her social media pages saying she had not intended to sound discriminatory.

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