On the Spot: Jodie Harsh

Jodie HarshJodie Harsh is heading back to Perth, her third trip to Connections this year! We got the fabulous BarbieQ to call Jodie at her home in London and get the  latest on what the big haired drag superstar has been up to?

What has been keeping you busy lately? It’s been a really crazy summer here in the UK. I’ve been in the studio working for Cher and a whole load of other artists, my London gay party Room Service has also set up shop in NYC, Tel Aviv  and Paris, and I’ve been DJ’ing all over the place. It’s been rather glamorous and at the same time a lot of hard work.

What excites you about coming back to Australia? The men. They are hot down under, know what I mean? And I love the parties – I’ve played at Connections twice now and really loved it.

You posted a picture of yourself with Rhianna to your Facebook page tell us more. That was a candid shot backstage at the BRIT awards, we don’t have each others numbers or anything. Yet.

You’ve got some new remixes out, who have you been working with? Aside from Cher – my mix is actually going on her album – I’ve remixed Cazwell, Agnetha from Abba and a few new artists.



What 90s band do you think should reform? Without a doubt the Spice Girls. I don’t think they would, but it would be fun right?

What song cant you get out of your head? I’m really into Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’, it’s so damn catchy. I love the new Sugababes track ‘Flatline’, and Cher’s album is sounding awesome. Dance music wise, everything by Duke Dumont and Kris Di Angelis are great.

What do you keep next to your bed? My iPhone and my passport – the essentials.

How does someone know when their in your bad books? They get blocked on Twitter.

What do you find scarier, sharks or crocodiles? Both, but I am fascinated by them equally. I once did a cage dive with Great Whites in South Africa which was unreal.

Of all the celebrities you’ve met, who was the best? I’ve met Debbie Harry a few times and she always takes my breath away. She’s so nice, and such a punk rock icon.

Can you name three fabulous Australians? Kylie, Danni and their brother.

Last time you were in Perth lots of drag queens had Jodie hair does that happen a lot? Well, you know…when you’re a style icon [laughs]. That was kinda special though.


Jodie Harsh returns to Connections Nightclub on Saturday October 5th.

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