Opposition to marriage equality drops in latest poll

The latest essential poll has shown that opposition to marriage equality has hit its lowest level. Just 25% of Australians are now opposed to allowing same-sex couples the right to wed. Support for marriage equality is at 63%, the highest its been since March 2016.

Broken down on potential voting behaviour, Labor voters are 75% in favour and 15% against and 9% are undecided. The Greens have the highest level of marriage equality supporters with 86% of their supporters being in favour.

The majoirty of people who vote for the Liberal and National party are also in favour of changing the marriage laws, with 52% voicing support. Only 35% of coalition voters are opposed, while 13% are undecided.

Most Australians believe a national vote is the best way to decide the issue, but most of the support for a plebiscite comes from people who are opposed. The poll showed 29% of people believe the issue should be resolved by parliament.

Source: SBS,  Image: Stock Image

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