Panti Bliss and Riyadh call out the haters in mean tweets video

Panti TV Face

Panti Bliss, the Queen of Ireland, has joined forced with Irish vlogger Riyadh to hop on board the “mean tweets” train and have a good chuckle at the haters.

Bliss, who became an “accidental activist” after a speech she made on homophobia went viral, is now the subject of an upcoming documentary about her life as a drag performer, gay man, viral star and sometimes-activist.

Riyadh also made waves recently, when he allowed his mother to read his Grindr messages aloud on YouTube for all to see – with hilarious results.

The plucky pair’s video was made to celebrate Ireland’s successful referendum for marriage equality coming into force this week.

Check out Riyadh and Panti reading out some nasty ol’ comments below.

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