Pauline Hanson won’t be campaigning in the WA state election

Senator Pauline Hanson has announced she won’t be travelling to Western Australia to campaign in the state election because of unpredictable travel conditions.

“I had planned to help Western Australian candidates campaign in January, but those plans have been dashed due to the discovery of the highly infectious UK strain here in Queensland.” Senator Hanson said in a media statement this morning.

The decision comes as the Queensland Government informed greater Brisbane residents that the state’s capital, Redlands, Ipswich, Moreton, and surrounding regions will go into lockdown from 6 pm Friday. Following Senator Hanson’s announced she was pulling out of her planned trip, the Western Australian government announced renewed travel restrictions.

Senator Hanson said the media would have a field day if she personally brought the Coronavirus to the state.

“Could you imagine what the media would write if, for some unforeseen reason, I bought a case of coronavirus to Western Australia? No thanks.”

“We have witnessed interstate travellers forced into hotel quarantine following border closures mid-journey, and I’m afraid Premier Mark McGowan would deem campaigning as non-essential travel and therefore leave me locked up for 14-days.” Senator Hanson said.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has yet to announce who its candidates will be in the state election. At the last state election the party was plagued by candidates who had a history of making anti-LGBTI statements.

Their line up for the 2017 the state election included one candidate who described same-sex marriage as degenerate, another who said same sex marriage would lead to incest, a third candidate said if marriage equality was achieved, marriage certificates for same sex couples should be called “poof proof certificates”, and most memorably a candidate who declared and defended her view that gay people have secret mind control powers developed by Nazis.

As campaigning ramps up for the March state election Senator Hanson said she felt it was important that the Labor party did not control both houses of the parliament.

“Voters may be satisfied with the job Mark McGowan has done keeping COVID levels low in the state, but with a vaccine due to roll out in February, people need to think about the state’s economy post-pandemic.” Senator Hanson said.

One Nation currently has two members in the state’s Legislative Assembly. Charles Smith, who was elected under the One Nation banner is now serving as a member for the Western Australia Party.

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