Perth band Unicorn announce their second single ‘Cats’

Unicorn, a moody alt-rock-pop outfit, formed in late 2020 when Jenna Hardie, Doug May, Jessica Harris and Ella Munro joined forces to create what they describe as a  “magical beast of musical intent”.

The band takes inspiration from artists such as PJ Harvey, Dresden Dolls, Veruca Salt and Silverchair, delving into sounds reminiscent of the early 90s with musical moments delicately melded from elements of grunge, glam-goth and Australian pop.

Singer-songwriter Jenna Hardie writes about friendships, love, and the complicated contradictions and syncopations of life. The band are getting ready to release their second single, it’s called Cats. 

‘Cats is a song about finding your tribe. The cliche ‘birds of a feather flock together’ rings true and Cats is the embodiment of that sentiment. With dramatic beats juxtaposed with the luscious sounds of the Hammond organ, Cats is a big and bold display of mateship.

Jenna wrote the song in early 2016, while going through big transitions in her life, and she says it’s about searching for your own tribe.

“I think I was looking for my own tribe of people at the time. I was just getting back into music after a long break and was excited to realise that the friendships and musical mateships I had formed many years before, were still there – as illustrated in the lyrics ‘the broken birds and crazy cats are here to stay’”.

“It is also a song about the interesting way that we, as humans, are drawn to certain people. And the celebration of that. The song takes you on a journey and the outro really does give a feeling of arrival and celebration. It’s a song about how we are stronger together.”

Cats was recorded at Blackbird Studio with sound engineer Dave Parkin and mastered by King William.

“Dave encouraged us to use additional instruments to create the lush atmospheric sounds in Cats. The Hammond organ added a lovely rich and grand sound to the song, creating a more dramatic and robust effect. Dave’s concepting ability and creative input provided Unicorn with the opportunity to record the song in a way that really captured the intent and vision of what Cats is all about.”

Unicorn released their debut single and a music video, Circus, in April. The tune has garnered attention across the globe, from Brazil and Mexico, USA and Sweden. Circus has been included in a variety of music blogs, radio plays, websites and Spotify playlists. With the second single, Cats, set to be released on 29 June, Unicorn is looking forward to sharing the song to new listeners around the world.

Unicorn celebrate the release of their single, Cats, at Clancy’s Fremantle on Friday 1 July 2022 with support from Legs Electric, Rose Parker Band and Rachel Rose. Tickets available here. Cats will be available to stream from 29 June 2022.

Source: Media Release, Image: Charlie Beveridge 

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