Perth Steam Works is reinventing what a sauna can offer

Perth Steam Works has just celebrated its 25th birthday, and since new owners took over the venue last year the sauna has been reinvented and renewed. A bold vision of how a sauna can be a special space for men has been brought to life.

As you enter the venue friendly staff greet you and welcome you. The inside of the entire space has undergone a major renovation and has been radically reworked to offer new experiences.

A new dance floor and DJ set-up allows for regular club nights, there’s an open-air space where you can grab a drink, plus a gorgeous lounge area, and the shower room and saunas have been completely renovated. Every part of the venue has been renewed and refreshed.

Throughout the day the atmosphere of the space changes too, with the lighting and music evolving and creating a unique sense of place.

Local businessman Mike Drummond and his partner Jamie took over the business last year and while they’d originally planned to slowly renovate the space, the lockdown period of last year allowed them to tackle some big changes very quickly instead.

Mike explained to OUTinPerth that his vision for the space was that a sauna can be a great space for people to meet and hangout.

“Having seen how similar spaces are utilised around the world, we believed we could offer something new to Perth, whilst still respecting the sauna’s 25 year history. We knew a lot of the community were tired of using apps to hook-up, and we had a lot of feedback it would be great to have another unique space in Perth.”

One of the elements added to the venue is a dance floor and DJ set up, one that rivals any club in Northbridge. Steam Works now host regular events with some of Perth’s top DJs’ providing the soundtrack.

Steam Works is a great place to start your weekend before heading on to other Northbridge venues. With the entire venue now fully licenced, you can meet up with mates, grab a few drinks and get the party started.

They have just announced a new collaboration with Connections Night Club, where patrons will be able to jump the queue and gain free entry to Connections after visiting Steam Works. Steam Works are also offering free pass outs allowing for return visits.

They’ve also brought in a series of regular events to mix up the experience of being at Steam Works. The first Tuesday of each month is Under 30’s Night and is a more social atmosphere, based less around hook-ups and more around meeting new friends. During October they’ve also got a Sunday Session with a DJ, it kicks off from 4pm each Sunday afternoon.

Usually when you hang out in a sauna you wear a towel, but on the first Wednesday of the month Cruise Club is an event where patrons can stay fully clothed and enjoy the space. While every Thursday is at the other end of the spectrum, it’s Naked Night where you have to throw your towel over your shoulder.

Coming up on the schedule is a Halloween party, The Blood Ball. A sold out ticketed event which will make the most of the new dance floor and DJ set up and promises to be a party not to be missed.

While many people will be returning to Steam Works to see the transformation, the team are also aware that for people who’ve never headed up the stairs to the venue it can be intimidating the first time you visit.

The Steam Works website includes a special section for first time visitors that explains everything you’ll encounter and all the different facilities available.

It may be celebrating its 25th birthday, but Perth Steam Works in officially Perth’s newest and freshest queer space that is definitely worth checking out.

Perth Steam Works is located at 369 William Street, Perth, and is open every day from midday. Visit

Graeme Watson, images: Angelo Di-Benedetto at Pineapple Fingers

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