Philip Normal raises thousands of pounds for HIV charity with ‘La’ t-shirt

British designer Philip Normal has raised tens of thousands of pounds for a British HIV charity by selling t-shirts that simply say ‘La’.

Normal holds the position of Mayor of Lambeth, he’s a designer by trade and the first openly HIV positive Mayor. He’s previously raised money for charities by creating TV-shirt but his latest creation has smashed all his records.

The t-shirt is a casual reference to the acclaimed British series It’s a Sin which follows the lives of a group of young friends who move to London in the early 80’s, their lives are forever changed with the arrival of HIV and the onset of the AIDS crisis. If you’ve watched the show, you know the importance of ‘La’ amongst the characters.

You can buy a ‘La’ t-shirt online for £25.00, £20,00 of which will go to the Terrance Higgins Trust, one of the United Kingdom’s leading HIV organisations.

The t-shirt has proved to be very popular with 850 sold on the first day, and they’ve just kept on selling. On Twitter earlier today Normal revealed that so far over £120,000 has been raised. If you’d like one you can order online, the small company is working hard to get them out to everyone as soon as humanly possible.

Normal’s local government constituency is situated in London on the south side of the Thames it includes famous landmarks such as the London Eye, Lambeth place – the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and world famous queer pub The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

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