PM Scott Morrison says he now backs same-sex marriage

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared he’s now a supporter of same-sex marriage, despite having campaigned against the laws being changed for many years.

The PM made a quick trip to Perth yesterday and while he was here a reporter asked if he was still opposed to same-sex marriage. Scott Morrison said he was now supportive of same-sex couples being allowed to marry because it had allowed people to “get on with their lives” and because he “always supports the law of the country.”

The PM would not be drawn on whether or not he believed gay people would be sent to hell, an apparent reference to the Israel Folau controversy, saying he keeps his personal religious views private.

In 2016 Morrison claimed that opponents of marriage equality faced an equal level of “hate speech and bigotry” as people in the LGBTIQ+ communities.

The PM was a vocal supporter of the ‘No’ campaign in 2017, and after the majority of Australians voted ‘Yes’ he argued that additional laws needed to be introduced to protect people’s religious beliefs. The majority of voters in Morrison’s NSW seat of Cook voted in favour of marriage equality, but Scott Morrison abstained from voting when the legislation was before parliament.

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