Police Minister Under Fire

Western Australia’s Police Minister Rob Johnson is under fire for his homophobic comments in parliament that were directed toward openly gay Member of Parliament John Hyde.

During the debate into special laws that would be introduced to cover the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting Mr Hyde inquired about the costs of the event. When responding to Mr Hyde’s questions the minister said, “He is just really, really upset and jealous that we have got a true queen coming to WA.”

Following disapproval from others members of parliament, the Police Minister then withdrew the comments.

Speaking to OUTinPerth Kitty Hawkins Co-Convener of Gay and Lesbian Equality WA said,

‘It is disappointing that a Minister of his experience would be so deeply unprofessional. His comments towards John Hyde were completely unnecessary and spiteful.’

Hawkins called on the Police Minister to apologize and ‘be more considerate of how his words may affect the wider community’. Hawkins also noted that it was not the first time the Minister had made homophobic remarks

Mr Johnson has also come under scrutiny for his comments about the removal of homeless people from the city centre during the CHOGM period.

Graeme Watson

Updated 6:20pm Friday March 8, 2011