Police slam Lyle Shelton after Twitter brag about crossing border

Former Australian Christian Lobby head Lyle Shelton has been slammed by Queensland Police after he tweeted about crossing the border between Queensland and New South Wales.

The prominent anti-LGBTQIA+ advocate posted images to Twitter on Saturday 2nd January, claiming to have made a “sneaky run across the border and back. Avoided the CCP virus police.”

Queensland Police responded to the post, saying “We are aware of this tweet and are making inquiries.”

Commissioner for Queensland Police Katarina Carroll told media today that Shelton had the correct authorisation to make the journey between states.

“It was disappointing to see that tweet. When you see something like we need to put resources into it, which we have,” Carroll said.

“He thought it was funny, but it’s not… you’re taking away resources from other places.”

Taking to Twitter again today, Shelton said he was happy to speak with Queensland Police.

“There were no checkpoints for joggers, walkers or lizards. I have not visited a hotspot. There is a valid debate re borders but I respect the role of our police.”

Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan also commented on Shelton’s tweet and the subsequent police inquiries.

“There’s a saying: it’s better for people to think you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm it.”

“Maybe that’s a relevant application for Mr Shelton.”

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