Poll shows public support for postal survey on marriage has dropped

A new poll released by The Guardian shows that just one week after the postal survey on marriage was announced public support for it has fallen dramatically.

The latest Essential poll surveyed 1,815 voters found that 47% of the sample disapproved of the postal vote while 39% approved of it.

Just a week earlier support for the plan was at 43% of people supported the plan and only 37% disapproved of it.

The plan also has a significant level of unpopularity among coalition voters with 37% of those surveyed saying they were not in favour of the plan.

One group that were more supportive of coalitions’ plan for a postal vote were younger voters. In the 18-34 age bracket 43% of those surveyed were supportive of the plan, while older voters over the aged of 55 were less likely to be supportive, with only 35% voicing support.

The support of younger voters might be reassuring for marriage equality supporters who have raised concern that younger people may be disenfranchised by the process.

Marriage equality advocates were worried that one of the groups that has the highest level of support for the YES campaign, might not engage with the mail based survey.

OIP Staff


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