Post-punk quartet Agender celebrate queer love on ‘Top Bottom Top’

LA-based post-punk four-piece Agender offer a four track EP, Top Bottom Top Remixes, with re-imagined versions of their queer disco-club soundtrack Top Bottom Top.

The project features remixes by JD Samson, Harvey Sutherland, David Scott Stone and lead singer Romy Hoffman.

The band is made up of Australian lead singer Hoffman, bassist Cristy Michel, drummer Christy Greenwood and synth player Sara Rivas.

Together, they make synthy, paranoid, post-punk with a dash of dysmorphic desire and have been turning heads in the post-punk scene since their debut album in 2014, Fixations.

Most recently, they have caught attention for the string of eye-catching music videos accompanying their single releases including the double video for Trouble & Desire + Womb 2 Wound and steamy video for Top Bottom Top.

Top Bottom Top celebrates queer love across the spectrum, paying homage to queer sexuality and sheds light on sexual fluidity and individuality.

The original track blends disco and punk underneath lyrics that repeat the playful words often used to label the positions and power structures involved in queer sex. It features punky guitar shreds, cow bells and subtle synth sequencers that flutter over a classic disco beat.

Directed by queer filmmaker, writer, designer and activist, Graham Kolbeins, the video stars Sheree Rose, an 81-year-old performance artist, documentarian, and dominatrix. The video will also be featured in LA’s Outfest, one of the world’s biggest LGBTQIA+ film festivals.

With the help of David Scott Stone (LCD Soundsystem, Get Hustle, Unwound), who produced the band’s latest LP in collaboration with Hoffman, the track takes a new shape as the two push beyond its original structure.

Top Bottom Top Remixes is out now.

Image: Lindsey Byrnes

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