Purchas Cup Tournament 2023 and after party this weekend

LGBTIQA+ inclusive rugby clubs from Australia and New Zealand are competing for the annual Purchas Cup this weekend.

The tournament was founded by Andrew Purchas to help promote inclusivity in the sporting code.

More than 150 players from the NZ Falcons, Adelaide Sharks, Sydney Convicts, Melbourne Chargers, Brisbane Hustlers and our very own Perth Rams are facing off for the title this Friday and Saturday.

Rugby fans and supporters can spectate for free at Tompkins Park this weekend, and celebrations continue with a special after party on Saturday.

The after party will take over The Edison on Saturday from 9pm, with H. Sailor, Leask and Dean Misdale on the decks.

Purchas Cup is happening at Tompkins Park, Alfred Cove. Find out more here, or grab tickets to the after party here.

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