Queer & Accessible project to hold post-PrideFEST consultations

Living Proud’s Queer & Accessible project are holding a new round of consultations, seeking community feedback on accessibility at last year’s PrideFEST celebrations.

The Queer & Accessible project was launched ahead of Pride WA’s PrideFEST 2021, aiming to work with LGBTQIA+ spaces and event-runners to provide practical assistance, financial support and advice, as well as promoting accessible events to LGBTQIA+ and disability communities.

This round of consultations will be looking back on PrideFEST 2021, asking what worked, what could have been done differently and what other measures can be enacted in the future.

Consultations will be held on Zoom, with live captioning and attendees will be offered a $30 voucher for their time.

The peer-led project is run by Project Officers Sarah Collins and Jack Meakins, who share lived experience of LGBTQIA+ identities and disability, as well as professional experience in both LGBTQIA+ and disability sectors.

As per the 2018 study – The Everyday Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex People with Disability – LGBTI+ folks with disability experience greater difficulty connecting with queer communities and with disability communities.

The study also found that these difficulties, as well as restrictions on expression of gender and sexuality, have consequences on LGBTI+ people with disability’s ability to form relationships and connect with community.

If you would like to participate, you can check out the online survey or register for Zoom sesions on Wed 27 April (6pm) and Sat 30 April (10am).

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