A New Rainbow: new LGBTIQ+ human rights group launches in WA


A new human rights focused organisation is forming in Western Australia to fill the gap left by the disbandment of Gay and Lesbian Equality, and Pride WA’s strategic decision to have a cultural focus.

Rainbow Rights is quickly working to become a new voice for human rights in WA. Spokesperson Misty Farquhar said there was definitely still a need for advocacy in 2016.   

“It is events such as Orlando that justify to us and the world that advocacy organisations such as the one we hope to build are still very much necessary within our community.” Farquhar said.

Pictured above are members Bill Johnson, Andrew Gillon, Misty Farquhar, Neil Buckley, Wendy Shannon, Juan Vazquez, absent were Jon Mann, Katrina Montaut, Karron Swinn, and Sue Harris Mountain.

While the group is still in very early stages of development, the group says their mission will be “working to change public perception, end discrimination, and achieve social justice for LGBTI+ people and their families in Western Australia.”

For more information on the new organisation, head to their Facebook page.

OIP Staff

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