Reactions to One Nation’s Michelle Meyers’ bizarre Facebook posts

People flood Michelle Meyers pages with rainbows

People have responded to One Nation’s Michelle Meyers unearthed comments suggesting that the gay community utilises a covert Nazi-styled mind control program to foster support for marriage equality by flooding her social media pages with rainbow emojis.

The personal and professional pages of Meyers were filled with images, emojis and references to rainbows after OUTinPerth reported comments that candidate had made where she described families with same sex parents as “fake families”.

The candidate also shared that the sight of rainbows makes her sad due to it’s emblematic connection to the gay community, sparking the multi-coloured onslaught.

Sadly after 24 hours the candidate has deleted all the criticism of her comments on her personal Facebook page.

Her official One Nation Facebook page appears to have disappeared completely. Meyers is still listed as a candidate on the One Nation web page.

Anti-Defamation Commission raises concern

The Anti-Defamation Commission, a group dedicated to fighting hatred in all its forms, has voiced concern about the growing demonisation of the LGBTI community and use of terms invoking comparisons to the Nazi party.

The Commission’s chairman, Dr Dvir Abramovich, shared his concerns after OUTinPerth highlighted comments made by One Nation candidate Michelle Meyers. Meyers had suggested in 2016 that the LGBTI community garnered support for marriage equality by use of a Nazi styled covert mind control program.

“I am increasingly concerned about the growing demonisation of the LGBTI community, and the outrageous claims by Michelle Meyers are profoundly insensitive and inappropriate.” Dr Abramovich said.

“No matter how strongly one opposes gay marriage, invoking Nazi terminology and analogies to demean those who advocate for its legalisation has no place in civil discourse.

“I would remind Ms Meyers that gay and lesbian people were targeted and brutally murdered by Hitler’s evil regime, as part of its plan to systematically exterminate the Jewish people and others.

“Her statements do a great disservice to the historical truth,  trivialize the Holocaust and are an insult to the memory of the victims and the survivors. We hope Ms Meyers will reconsider her words in the future and will stop invoking such comparisons so as to make her case.” Dr Abramovich concluded.

The Greens say prospect of One Nation in the Upper House is a real danger

The Greens spokesperson on sexuality and gender identity Lynn MacLaren told WAtoday that there was a real chance that the party could win seats in the state’s upper house.

“There is a very real danger despite their obvious extremism that One Nation will win seats in the Upper House,” she told WAtoday.

“That is why having Greens in the Upper House is more important than ever. The Greens are not doing any deals with One Nation – in fact we are putting One Nation last and recommending that our voters put One Nation last.

“The Greens always have and always will stand in solidarity with the LGBTIQA+ community.” MacLaren said.

MacLaren’s federal colleague Senator Scott Ludlam took to Twitter to call out Premier Colin Barnett for making a preference deal with the party.

Tasmanian senator Nick McKim poked fun at the furor suggesting that the headlines generated by the controversy sound like the name for a punk band.

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