Remember Mika? He’s back with a new tune about orchestras

Remember Mika? He topped the charts with Grace Kelly back in 2007 and it’s a tune that has been played on the radio ever since. He also had success with follow up songs Love Today and Happy Ending. 

Since then Mika’s released four albums of material, been a judge on X Factor in Italy, and become a huge star in France where he serves as a coach on the French version of The Voice. 

Now he’s got a brand new song Sound of An Orchestra, which is also the theme to a new Italian television drama. The song features Mika’s very distinctive vocal style.

Over the years Mika has described his sexuality in different ways, in some interviews he’s talked about his desire for a labeless society where categories don’t matter, in later interviews he’s described himself as bisexual, but more recently he’s described himself as a gay man.

OIP Staff