Reports: Christian Democratic Party in receivership

Christian news website Eternity News has reported that Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party has been placed in to receivership after the board of the organisation determined that they would soon become insolvent.

The report says members of the party have received a note from Schon G Condon, the head of accounting business Condon Advisory Group, which suggests forthcoming litigation is the main reason the party is likely to become insolvent.

The party has faced several falling outs between office holders in recent years, and accusations that party funds were not being handled correctly.  In a June 8th message Condon is said to have informed party members that he had been appointed administrator under ordered from Justice Patricia Henry of the Equity Division of the Supreme Court.

The party had recently announced the retirement of founder Fred Nile, and indicated his parliamentary position would be taken up by Lyle Shelton, the former head of the Australian Christian Lobby.

OIP Staff, Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party and the Condon Advisory Group have been contacted for comment.

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