Research Uncovers Homophobia Among Teen Boys


Study findings released by beyondblue demonstrate the prevalence of homophobia in Australian teenage boys.

The study, conducted by company TNS included 300 14-17 year old males, assessing their response to same sex attracted people.

The study found that one in five said they find it hard to treat same-sex attracted people the same as others. Six in 10 participants said they had witnessed first-hand people being bullied for their sexuality and four in 10 said they had seen people bullied for the same reason on social media.

A quarter of participants said terms such as “dyke”, “homo”, and “confused” are “not really that bad”. Four in 10 either agreed that they felt anxious or uncomfortable around same sex attracted people or did not disagree that they felt this way, while 23% think it’s ok to say something they don’t like is “gay” and 38% wouldn’t be happy if a same sex attracted person was in their friendship group.

The study underpins a decision by beyondblue to relaunch its 2012 campaign: ‘Stop. Think. Respect: Left Hand’. The campaign, aimed at teen boys, aims to reduce discrimination and bullying against LGBTI people by pointing out the absurdity of ridiculing or belittling someone simply for being who they are. The campaign’s video advertisement, which will be broadcast in cinemas for seven weeks, can be seen below.

For more information on the ‘Stop. Think. Respect. Left Hand’ campaign, visit

Sophie Joske

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