Respected Health Researcher Dies After Traffic Accident

Norway FlowersOne of Australia’s  leading health care researchers passed away last week following an traffic accident.

Associate Professor Paola Ferroni was allegedly hit by a motor vehicle while cycling along Kings Park Road.

The accident occurred on November 5, Associate Professor Ferroni  passed away in hospital the following Saturday.

Up until her retirement Associate Professor Ferroni had been the head of Curtin University’s Centre for International Health, which she founded in 1999.

Under her leadership the centre grew to be a thriving hub with 300 graduate students,  ground breaking research and extensive consulting services.

The associate professor retired in 2008 and was regarded a leader in her field.

Associate Professor Ferroni’s partner, Associate Professor Rosemary Coates has highlighted her achievements in an interview with The West Australian.

The couple, who had been together for 34 years, shared a love of cycling. Associate Professor Coates has highlighted that challenges faced by cyclists and drivers in Perth.

OUTinPerth offers condolences to Associate Professor Ferroni’s friends and family and especially Associate Professor Coates.

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