Retire quietly: PM’s advice for George Christensen

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said he was appalled by recent comments LNP member George Christensen made on a right-wing online broadcast, and has suggested it’s time for Queensland MP to retire quietly.

Christensen was a guest on InfoWars webcast which is hosted by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Jones has been banned from most social media platforms.

During the discussion Christensen laughed when Jones compared Australia’s quarantine facilities to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Later he appeared to suggest that people should protest outside Australian embassies.

Speaking to the media earlier today the PM said Christensen, who has already announced his departure from politics, should go quietly in retirement.

“I thought those comments were appalling and I have spoken to George directly about them. I think they’re absolutely appalling. George is not a candidate for the LNP at the next election and I think George should quietly go into retirement.”

The comments have also drawn a strong rebuke from Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce. Joyce, who is currently in London, posted to Twitter saying he had been made aware of the interview on InfoWars.

“Accordingly, I have contacted him twice in the night to affirm that any parallel of domestic policy with the abomination which was the Holocaust requires an immediate rebuke.

“I have asked Mr Christensen to be far more aware of any platform he speaks on and to ask himself of the history of those platforms and if participation on it is wise.” Joyce posted on Monday.

Labor MP Josh Burns has commented on the situation highlighting it’s not the first time Christensen has cited the holocaust in his commentary about the Covid-19 pandemic. Burns said the Prime Minister needed to take stronger action.

Satirical Twitter account The Shovel might have highlighted the problem, they posted “George Christensen has been given his 17th and 3rd final warning.”

The Queensland MP has not revealed what his career plans are after he leaves the parliament but in interviews he has spoken about finding a different way to contribute to the public debates, which has lead to speculation he may be launching his own online commentary channels.

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