Review: Adam & Eve

The Blue Room’s new show Adam and Eve is like having an out-of-body experience in a nightclub.

But not like in a heavenly, white-lights and golden-gates way but in an ‘Oh my god, that’s what I look like on the dance floor’ revelation.

Set in a new nightclub called Eden, we meet a spirited Eve and super-casual Adam, both of which could be the boy/girl next door. This devised piece is riddled with tinsel, dance-offs, rude humour and extraordinary situations which makes for an engaging watch.

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The endearing part of this show is just how average Adam and Eve are. Young at heart, each of them are so down to earth; it is hard to judge them for their ultimate mistake. And the show is something we can all relate to because we’ve all shared the same situations: the walk of shame after a big night, the warm buzz of holding someone’s hand for the first time or that sour, caustic feeling when you realise you just screwed everything up.

Occasionally, the story shoots off into sub-plots where the scene will freeze and some characters launch into the great debate between Christianity and science or some conjured-up scenario but these are either funny or so quirky, they crack a smile. The show also touches on homosexuality which is sure to offend the righteous but in the end; it actually turns out to be quite a sweet story.

Where the original story stood as a memorandum to man’s ultimate mistake, this adaptation reminds us that we are all only human – and never trust a bartender called Mario.

Adam & Eve is at the Blue Room Theatre at 7pm until October 29 and is part of this year’s Pride Festival line-up.

Benn Dorrington