Review | Briefs come out squeaky clean with new show ‘Dirty Laundry’

Briefs: Dirty Laundry | Girls School | til Aug 22 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

The boys of Briefs are back in town! Celebrating ten years of their very special relationship with Perth audiences, the ultra queer troupe of multi-talented entertainers are treating west coast audiences to a world-first look at their brand spanking new show.

If you’ve been anywhere near Perth during Fringe World season, it’s likely you’ve seen the striking image of the Briefs cast upon a billboard, bus or flier, if not up-close-and-personal at one of their many must-see performances in our city over the last decade.

Whether you’re a Briefs superfan, or a newcomer to the wonderfully wicked world of Shivannah and the team, it is known that these boys know how to put on a damn show! Taking top billing at fringe festivals around the world, Briefs are professional show-stoppers, blending storytelling, circus, dance, drag and even some death-defying stunts into a celebration of life and diversity.

The face (and mouth) of the operation, 7-foot glamourpuss Shivannah, kicks everything off as always with an acknowledgement of country, and the group’s essential rules. Don’t be a dickhead, the more you drink the better her makeup looks and her earnest hope that audiences will use this opportunity to connect with the people around them and revel in our differences. A perfect primer for Briefs core mission of celebration.

What follows is a showcase of each cast member and their unique talents, dripping in Briefs familiar brand of sex and comedy. Returning member Louis Biggs kicks things off by juggling a visit to the laundromat with his burning need to striptease to Push It, Captain Kidd burns the stage with his hula routine, and Thomas Worrell spun the audience right into a mid-show standing ovation with his aerial number.

The group’s newer members slotted themselves right into the lineup, bringing an extra dose of drag to the usual crew and just as much talent as their peers. Serenity and her signature mullet took Glad Wrap to glamorous new heights, Nastia’s trophy-snatching gymnastics routine gets gassed up, Dale showed us he knew how to whip it, and dancing sensation Kween Kong closed out the show with a high-energy Paula Abdul routine that left the crowd gasping for air.

Hilarious, jaw-dropping and heartfelt, the Briefs boys set out on a mission to celebrate every moment and don’t leave until they’ve made sure the whole audience is along for the ride.

Dirty Laundry throws eye-popping new acts and fabulous cast members in the wash without changing their lovingly-crafted, award-winning formula that connects audiences through their incredible talents, stories and celebration.

Briefs: Dirty Laundry is running at Girls School until August 22nd. For tickets and more info, head over to

Leigh Andrew Hill, images: Naomi Reed

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