Review | Mums Gone Wild want parents to know they’re not alone

Mums Gone Wild | Season Ended | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Motherhood has performed to sell-out crowds in Western Australia since 2017. They were voted “Best newcomers in 2017” at the Dousties by their comedian peers. So, it’s no surprise they have had a very successful 10 show run this Fringe season in Perth and earned themselves the 2020 Fringe World Weekly Winner!

Previous shows include Surviving the Circus and JUMUMJI: Welcome to the Jungle.

If you’ve ever said things like “A cheese toastie IS basically pizza!” Or “Would you mind NOT shining that torch directly into my eye?!” Then, Mums Gone Wild! is the show for you.

If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend making yourself familiar with this collective of gems.

Emma Krause (Raw State Finalist, Australia’s Got Talent 2019), Simone Springer (Raw State Finalist), Lucy Ewing (Raw State Finalist and singing mum!) and Pony Knox (Raw State Finalist) give the gift that sleep-deprived, sore-titted, grey-eyed mothers like me need.

It was certainly worth plucking my chin hairs and brushing my messy bun to go and see! Although if you turned up with said hairs, unbrushed hair, a toddler on your hip and slippers on your feet I am sure you would have been embraced!

Baby, they can extract nuggets of wisdom from the soul-crushing moments that being a mother can entail and turn them into pure joy!

The take-home message is that: Mums, you are not alone!

While each Mum showcased their uniqueness onstage, they normalized and embraced the little things we all think and do, but don’t say out loud.

So, if you would like to learn some little-known facts about emperor penguins, the many uses of Spanx, how to tackle Tinder as a single Mum and strategies to overcome the trauma of a poorly executed Mother’s Day, then sit back, relax and strap yourselves in for a wild ride indeed.

This show is the perfect escape for the time-poor parent! I am not going to lie, I went straight home, took off my flattering sensible maxi skirt replaced it with a hoodie and told my seven-year-old to “Get out of your bloody wet bathers!”

You can catch The Motherhood at The Perth Comedy Festival on the 23rd & 24th of April at the State Theatre.

Marley Amphlett

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