Review | ‘P!NK: The Circus’ brings glitz, glamour & gasps of amazement

P!NK: The Circus | The Royale Theatre | til Feb 6 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Playing at the Royale Theatre, P!NK: The Circus is a powerhouse performance on par with it’s namesake!

This show is brought to you by BarbieQ; entertainer, producer, choreographer and diva, Perth drag queen extraordinaire and Kinetica – a collective of circus, visual and performing artists. Multiple Fringeworld award winners, this combination of talent delivers a high energy celebration of the music of P!NK and the beauty and power of the human body.

As well loved P!NK tunes play the stage comes alive with colour and movement, the visual effects only outshone by the performers themselves. BarbieQ is captivating in the title role and the whole vibe was such that you could almost be forgiven for imagining you were at an actual P!NK concert. It’s probably as close as we are going to get for a bit so it was an illusion I was happy to lean in to.

A compelling and empowering Fringe spectacular, the Kinetica team enhance the illusion of an actual P!NK concert with daring acrobatics and exquisite aerial work. The choreography, both on the stage and in the air, was amazing and the enthusiasm with which it was delivered was like a shot of adrenaline. Both a celebration and exploration of strength and power and the work of art that is the human body.

P!NK: The Circus is suitable for all ages – there’s a smattering of coarse language in the lyrics of the songs but If you are a P!NK fan chances are your young folk have heard it all before. When we attended we saw several families with young children and there’s definitely enough going on to keep them engaged during the hour long show. As a mum this was actually really cool to see and yay to those families, encouraging a love of live performances while supporting local talent – multi level parenting win!

P!NK: The Circus is glitz and glamour and gasps of amazement! A definite five stars, it left me feeling energised, as if the electric performances had given me a a boost of positive energy, recharging my battery.

BarbieQ announced it was the last song of the evening and the ensemble delivered a joyful performance before taking their bows and exiting the stage. As the lights came up the audience did not move, instead beginning to shout and cheer “Encore! Encore!” After a few minutes BarbieQ returned to the stage and let us down gently with the promise of a masked meet and greet in the foyer.

I can’t really give a higher recommendation! Feeling both revitalised by the show but still left wanting more, P!NK: The Circus is a Fringe Festival must see for all ages!

See P!NK: The Circus until Sunday Feb 6. For tickets and more information, head to

Kate Salinger is a proud PFLAG+ Perth Mum, with a once upon a time background in dramatic arts. Kate enjoys writing and photography and active resistance of oppression. 

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