Review | Potted Potter will Slytherin to your hearts

Potted Potter | State Theatre Centre | til Sep 30 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

So, here’s my quandary: How do I tell you this show is an out-and-out must watch parody of everything Potter without revealing any of the mad comedic genius that is Dan and Jeff (British performer and writers extraordinaire). You won’t simply take my word for it? No? Ok, let me grab my trusted quill and see what magic I can conjure up for you muggles.

Let me put it this way, I knew I was in for a wild adventure when a palm tree became part of the forbidden forest (evil coconuts and all). There was definitely a brew of Polyjuice Potion going around as performer, Dan Clarkson, transformed into a slew of 20 of our favourite and not so favourite wizards, witches and magical creatures while fellow actor, Scott Hoatson, was clearly marked as the boy wizard!

Although it’s been a while since I watched the films, I don’t remember them being in the slightest bit short. In fact, if I calculate the total time of all 8 movies, it comes to a whopping 18 hours and 20 minutes (that’s minus the 10 minutes of credits for each).

And yet the team behind “The Unauthorized Harry Experience” that is Potted Potter, somehow managed to condense the complete collection of Harry Potter books into 70 minutes! That’s some Sirius sorcery! (Pun shamelessly intended). In fact, they’ve been weaving their magic to sold out performances since 2005 with the show being nominated for the Olivier Award – no mean feat!

This two-man show first hit our shores in 2012 and remains as fresh as ever thanks to the undeniable charms being cast on the audience by the ever-improvising Dan. You’re not quite sure where the show ends, and his natural comedic free reign takes over, but I have a feeling it included a Dragon with a tongue fetish, Hagrid in a one-man Bollywood dance spectacle, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named using Twitter (probably because he’s got no friends- only followers… ba-dum ching!)

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Transfiguration is exploited to the max in set design and prop choices that add to the side-splitting hilarity of it all, not to mention a full-blown Quidditch match with a quaffle that may or not have been used as a bludger. But one thing is certain, the Golden Snitch was caught in a magnificent face-plant that did the mighty people of Perth proud.

Packed with multiple film and fiction references, a Wrock show, Sirius puns (can’t help myself), not to mention the muggle turn-out of all ages sporting the latest trend in rounded glasses, this extravaganza really deserves a rating of 9 and three quarters. I’d totally use a Time-Turner to re-watch it all again so don’t miss out! Grab your tickets and hop on board the Hogwarts Express because Potted Potter will Slytherin to your hearts.

Potted Potter is at the State Theatre Centre until September 30. For tickets and more information head to

Evelyne Tymms

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