Review | The Rocky Horror Picture Show Immersive Spectacular

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Immersive Spectacular | til Dec 4 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Transport yourself into absolute pleasure into a time warp of non-stop exhilaration, with this current production presented by the ARTRAGE Projects.

There is eye candy, drag candy, nerd candy; some hysterical audience participation; the two hours with a 20 min interval moves rapidly; like a Transylvanian spacecraft.

A dream team of Perth’s finest local performers, the cast elevated the film and our experience with nuance in this captivating combination of drag, burlesque, drama, circus and dance into an immersive theatre experience.

When a performance works there are many reasons in the production process, from production to direction, front and back of the house, to the performers revealing their well-honed acting, performance and theatre crafts. There is a connectedness between the performers, it’s a bit of pantomime, completely B Grade Hollywood Camp immersive theatre.

The performers interact as though they are a Transylvanian family reunited, deeply connected and it works; making this production magical.

Starring a cast of some of our best. Danisa Snake as Frank-N-Furter, Ginava from Gendermess Productions as Riff Raff and Eddie, Veruca Sour as Magenta, Isaac Salter as Rocky Horror, Natalie Oakes as Columbia, Linton Aberle as Brad and Morgan Owen as Janet. All cast members were equal stars in this spectacular production.

The film is cast behind the performers who utilise the entire stage, the wings, the front of the stage and through the audience. We are taken into the picture show world with water guns, newspaper hats, and party horns.

Rocky Horror Picture Show has a hidden gay/queer history in Perth. During the 1980s the camp twist on sci-fi B grade-movies was a regular Friday night midnight experience at the soon-to-be revitalised Liberty Cinema, then known as the Kimberly Cinema on Barrack St.

People dressed up, armed with rice, water guns, newspapers and lighters. Interacting in the audience and on stage; with the tribute to B Grade horror and science fiction movies of the past.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Immersive Spectacular plays in Perth at the Royale Theatre on Lake Street Northbridge until the 27th of November and then continues into early December to regional theatres in Kojonup, Manjimup and Margaret River.

Check ARTRAGE for dates and details and give yourself over to absolute hilarity.

Guy Gomeze

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