Review | Tom Ballard’s ‘It Is I’ is an endless hour of laughs

Tom Ballard: It Is I | Oasis Comedy Club | Until 12 Feb | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Once upon a time Tom Ballard was on our radio every morning, and later he delivered his cutting takes on the day’s news on the brilliant, but short-lived, Tonightly. 




His stream about his hopes that artificial intelligence will eventually lead to dating apps, food apps, messaging apps and the like communicating with each other was hilarious. While a comparison of his grandmother, who turned 100 last year, her life in an old people’s home and the life of Queen Elizabeth II was poignant while remaining comical.

It was laughs from start to finish and well worth getting a ticket to.

See Tom Ballard: It Is I until 12th February. For tickets and more information, head to

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