Rowan Dean bizarrely links gender fluidity to Thai cave rescue


Sky News presenter Rowan Dean says the world needs to appreciate that the suspense-filled rescue of a trapped soccer team was possible because the divers involved were not “gender fluid”.

On the Sky news program Paul Murray Live Dean commented on the successful rescue that has captured the world’s attention and said it was important that people remembered that the operation had been a success because of coal power, western technology, and a lack of gender fluidity.

“Those kids would not be alive if the those pumps had been powered by windmills and solar panels. If they hadn’t had western technology in there. If they hadn’t had western expertise.

“It wasn’t a bunch of gender fluid divers that went down there. It wasn’t a bunch of touchy feeling identity politics, diverse and inclusive, unconscious bias mob that saved those boys lives. It was solid western know how and technology.” Dean said.

The comment was captured and shared online by Ben Oquist the Executive Director of The Australian Institute.


Dean and his colleague Ross Cameron recently made headlines when Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm came onto their show Outsiders and made disparaging comments about Greens senator Sarah Hanson Young.

OIP Staff