Russia’s straight pride flag revealed

Russian Straight FlagVladimir Putin’s United Russia party has revealed a new ‘straight pride’ flag to promote heterosexuality.

The flag features the silhouettes of a couple with three children. The hashtag translates to #realfamily

The announcement is seen as a reaction to the millions of Facebook users who adopted the rainbow profile picture, and the US flooding significant landmarks with rainbow lights, following the US Supreme court decision on same sex marriage.

The flag was unveiled by Alexey Lisovenko, United Russia’s deputy head in Moscow in honour of national family day.

“This is our reply to same-sex marriage, that corruption of the concept of family. We must to warn against gay fever in our country and support traditional values,” Lisovenko said.

Mr Lisovenko has also called for the rainbow flag to be anywhere in Russia, including on the internet and social media.

 La Manif Pour TousWhen first revealed the flag was criticised for being a rip-off of the flag of French anti-gay organisation ‘ La Manif Pour Tous’.

Mr Lisenko has since appeared on Russian radio declaring that they had permission to copy the French organisations flag but made adjustments to make it more Russian.

The Russian couple have an additional child, and the mother is not as slim.

“It is a Russian tradition to have many children in a family.” Mr Lisenko said.

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