SA MP suggests gay couples will change gender to get married

PEDERICKA South Australian Liberal MP has made a surprising argument against a bill that would make it easier for trans* and gender diverse people to alter their birth certificates.

Adrian Pederick said the bill was a “Trojan horse for gay marriage”, suggesting people would change gender to circumvent the Marriage Act.

“You may have a gay couple, whether it is two ladies or two gentlemen, and to get around the federal Marriage Act one of them decides that if they are a man they will become a woman and if they are a woman with a lesbian partner they will become a man,” Pederick said.

“I believe that could well and truly happen under this legislation. There is nothing ruling it out at all.”

The bill introduced by South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill earlier this year outlined a winding-back of the Sexual Reassignment Act and provided new regulations that would not require a person to undergo gender reassignment surgery to be legally recognised accordingly.

The bill was defeated with a vote of of 19-19, the tie being broken by the Speaker of the House voting against the bill.

Western Australia changed similar legislation following a successful High Court challenge in 2011, overturning a previous appeal from the state’s Supreme Court.

Mr Pederick’s office has been contacted for comment.

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