Scott Morrison concedes defeat and announces resignation as party leader

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has conceded defeat at the 2022 federal election ending nine years of Coalition governments ruling Australia.

The PM said he was proud of the achievements of his government saying the country was in a better state then when the coalition came to power under Tony Abbott in 2013.

As counting of votes continued throughout the evening it quickly became clear that it would not be possible to form either a majority or a minority government. While coalition partners the Nationals retained their seats, the Liberals lost seats to The Greens, Labor and a swathe of Independent members.

Scott Morrison said he would resign as leader of the Liberal party but would continue to represent his seat of Cook.

“Tonight, it’s a night of disappointment for the Liberals and Nationals, but it’s also a time for Coalition and members and supporters all across the country to hold their highs head.

“We have been a strong government, we have been a good government, Australia is stronger as a result of our effort over these last three terms and I have no doubt under strong leadership of our Coalition three years from now, I’m looking forward to the return of a Coalition government.” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

With Deputy Liberal leader Josh Frydenberg likely to lose his seat of Kooyong, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has been recognised as the front-runner to take over the party leadership.

OIP Staff

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