‘Selfie’ is Word of the Year

James FrancoThe Oxford Dictionary has announced that ‘selfie’ is the word of the year. The word which describes taking a photograph of yourself narrowly beat out ‘twerk’.

We’re overjoyed that ‘selfie’ made the cut, for it gives a reason to post this gratuitous selfie taken by James Franco.

The OUTinPerth crew have been known to take the occasional selfie and Joel Creasey sent us one at end of his Twitter interview. Of course Cazwell wrote a whole song about the phenomenon.

It seems that the word was first used (as far as anyone can tell) by an Australian man going under the nic Hopey, he posted a picture of his stitched up lip on an ABC message board back in 2002.

Just for fun, take a selfie yourself and send it to us.