Portrait of a Serial Monogamist: a clever romantic comedy


Portrait of a Serial Monogamist

Directed by John Mitchell & Christina Zeidler

Being dumped is the pits, which is why there are so many songs about it. Forty-something lesbian Elsie (Diane Flacks) lives in Toronto and has worked out that if she gets in first, then break-ups can be less painful. But after getting rid of her girlfriend of 5 years Robyn (Carolyn Taylor), she realises that even though she has managed to avoid a broken heart, she hasn’t managed to be single for any length of time.

Accepting a dare from a friend to gain some personal insights by remaining single for five months, Elsie takes the audience on a journey through Toronto as she hears advice from her lesbian friends. There are some hilarious encounters in the dog park, at work at a small television production company and at a funeral for a deceased cat.

Possibilities to move onto the next shiny thing surround the struggling Elsie. The gorgeous Lolli (Vanessa Dunn) is a huge temptation as barista at Elsie’s favourite cafe and DJ at the local club. The directors wrote the clever script for this romantic comedy which treats everyone with dignity.

‘Portrait of a Serial Monogamist’ is one of the films showing at The Backlot from 9-15 September as part of the fund raising Perth International Queer Film Festival and there are limited tickets for each film. See www.waaids.com for tickets and session times.

Lezly Herbert

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