Shamir returns to his teenage bedroom for ‘Oversized Sweater’ video

Shamir has a new song Oversized Sweater, and the video sees them return to their teenage bedroom.

The clip sees Shamir playing guitar while lounging around a bedroom adorned with posters of Snoop Dog, Amy Winehouse, Spiderman, Muhamad Ali.

The new tune is from Shamir’s forthcoming ninth album Homo Anxietatem. The new album will be out on 8th August.

The album’s title is Latin for “Anxious Man” and Shamir has given some background to what the song is about.

“The first quarter of 2020 before lockdown I felt a lot of anxiety,” he explained. “I was fresh out the psych ward and had quit smoking weed and cigarettes cold turkey. I spent the first couple months of 2020 knitting this huge baby blue sweater. It’s basically a wearable security blanket that I used to channel all my anxiety into. I wear it all the time, but most notably in the video for my song Diet.

The new album will feature eleven new songs. The track listing includes Sweater, Wandering Through, Our Song, Appetizer, Calloused, Crime, The Beginning, Without You, Obsession, Words and The Devil Said The Blues IS All I’ll Know.

The prolific artist but out his first album Ratchet back in 2015 and since then has shared Hope (2017), Revelations (2017), Resolution (2018), Be the Yee, Here COmes the Haw (2019), Cataclysm (2020), Shamir (2020), and Heterosexuality (2022).

Take a look at the new video.

OIP Staff

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