Singaporean charged over internet threats against LGBT community


A Singaporean man has been charged over threats he made online directed towards the nations’s LGBT community.

The New Straits Times has reported that Singaporean citizen Bryan Lim appeared in court charged with using an electronic recording to incite violence.

Lim alleged posted an open Facebook comment on the page of a group opposed to Pink Dot, the city’s annual LGBT gathering.

On June 6th in the group ‘We are against Pinkdot in Singapore’ Lim allegedly wrote “I am a Singaporean citizen. I am a NSman, I am a father. And I swore to protect my nation. Give me the permission to open fire. I would like to see these £@€$^*s die for their causes”.

Lim later apologised for his comment saying it had been taken out of context. “”I did not mean physical bullets nor physical death,” he later wrote. “I mean open fire in debate and remove them from Singapore domestic matters.””

The case will return to court in August and if convicted the executive faces a possible jail sentence of up to five years and fines.

OIP Staff

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