Singer Darren Hayes calls on Malcolm Turnbull to show leadership

Darren Hayes

Singer Darren Hayes has published an open letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pleading with him to cancel the marriage equality plebiscite.

The Savage Garden singer argues that the $160 million set aside could be better spent on more important issues like health care.

“You are about to waste 160 million hard earned Australian tax dollars on what is essentially an opinion poll even though you’re aware, as are all Australians, that an estimated 72 percent of the nation is already in favor of equal marriage. Imagine what you could do with that money instead?

“For starters, you could spend it on mental health care – for all of those people who are depressed or suicidal as a result of living in a world where they are considered second class citizens.” Hayes wrote.

The singer, who married his husband overseas, said the message the government was sending to Australian youth was that if you want equality – head to another country.

“As a gay Australian who has proudly represented his country globally, it saddens me that my marriage is recognized both in the United Kingdom and in The United States but means nothing in my country of birth.”

Hayes said it was time for the Prime Minister to show some leadership.

“Leadership comes from the top of society and carries with it an obligation to protect and serve all of us but especially those with the least power.” Hayes declared.

Read the full letter. 

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