Queer family comedy ‘The Adopters’ coming to Spanish Film Festival

The Moro Spanish Film Festival returns to Palace Cinemas Raine Square, Leederville and Luna on SX from 28 April – 16 May. It offers film lovers a cinematic journey across Spain and Latin America. The rich program consists of 20 feature films from Spain and 9 films from across Latin America including Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico and Uruguay.

The opening night film is Rosa’s Wedding which is an unusual rom-com about a 45-year-old woman who is a seamstress in the wardrobe department of a film production company in Valencia. While working on a wedding scene and under pressure with expectations from all those surrounding her, she escapes for some Me Time. To reconnect with herself, she announces her wedding to her amazed family – one that will celebrate her self-empowerment.

The Adopters is a witty, contemporary Argentinean take on the very unique and sometimes unanticipated challenges that can occur when starting a family in your 40s. Set in Buenos Aires, Martin and Leonardo have been in a committed relationship for a decade and are at a cross roads in their relationship. The film about family, identity, change and insecurity is directed by Daniel Gimelberg and based on his experiences as a gay man and an adoptee.

Schoolgirls is Pilar Palomero’s celebrated coming-of-age-drama which celebrates female friendships. Set in 1990s Spain, in an all-girl Catholic school, young girls begin to question things they had taken for granted and rebel against the rigid rules and authority figures. The film recently swept the Goya Awards winning Best Film, Best New Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography.

Starting off in Seville and ending up in the Moroccan desert, Wishlist is a mad-cap road trip undertaken by two women who meet while undergoing chemotherapy. Joined by a third woman who has recently broken up with her boyfriend, they get themselves into ridiculous situations as they tick off the things on their bucket lists. Apart from celebrating life, the film is an excellent promotion for Spain’s scenery.

See www.spanishfilmfestival.com for more information about the film and special events.

Lezly Herbert

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