Stephen Fry reveals his battle with prostate cancer

Stephen Fry has announced in an emotional video that he has spent the last two months battling with prostate cancer, and is currently recuperating from surgery.

The broadcaster, revealing that he had major surgery in early January 2018, spoke openly on having to undergo surgery, his fears and his decision to keep it secret.

“They took the prostate out,” Fry said, “so far as we know (the cancer) has all been got.”

Noting that it was an “aggressive little bugger,” and that surgeons had removed 11 lymph nodes as well, Fry added that “for the moment I’m fit and well and happy and I just wanted to let you know because rumours had started to swirl.”

Fry also noted that his family and “my darling, darling husband” were “just marvellous,” and also thanked friends.

Discussing his shock at shock at getting the news, Fry commented that “I went around saying to myself, ‘I’ve got cancer. Good heavens, Stephen, you’re not the sort of person who gets cancer.’

Watch the full video below.

OIP Staff

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