‘Still Here’: Judith Lucy & Denise Scott are taking over Perth Concert Hall

After kicking off a national tour of their new show Still Here in February to packed houses and rave reviews, Australia’s comedy icons Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are heading to Perth Concert Hall next month.

Join Jude and Scotty for what could loosely be called a play – think Waiting for Godot meets Flying High – that is not only full of shameless gags but sees them confronting their greatest fear.

“At last something to shave my face for,” Lucy says.

“Can’t wait to embrace Scotty, some show business and our audience-not literally obviously that would be repulsive for everyone involved.”

“Judith has frozen shoulders, can’t use her arms,” Scott adds.

“I have arthritic knees, can’t use my legs. I’m excited to be Jude’s arms. She’s thrilled to be my legs. We’re ecstatic to be back, together as one, on stage loving ourselves and our audiences sick.”

Still Here is at Perth Concert Hall on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 August. For tickets and more info head to perthconcerthall.com.au

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