Stuff Said

“To redefine marriage is discriminatory towards those who hold the sincerely held religious belief that is a sacred institution between a man and a woman”

Kyle McCarter, State Senator of Illinois.

“Marriage should be limited to [unions of a man and a woman] because they alone can ‘produce unplanned and unintended offspring.”

Paul Clement, Los Angeles Times.

“Then, when I met Deb, it was 10 times better than my single life. She was very beautiful. She was unbelievably fun — this energy, this spirit — irrepressible. And she had a confidence in herself. I had a massive crush on her instantly”

Hugh Jackman, suppressing gay rumours.

“If I was going to rebrand the Catholic Church, as much as I despise what it stands for, I would say get a black person — well, first I would say get a woman or a gay — but then I’d say get a black person or a Hispanic person…”

Alan Cumming, gives his suggestions for the next Pope.

“[The Church pushes] for the rights of prisoners [and] the rights of others, and the last thing we want to do is infringe upon the rights of anyone. But when you’re talking about what’s called ‘an alternative lifestyle,’ are those human rights?”

Papal candidate Peter Turkson of Ghana defends the Ugandan ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill.

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