Surprise! Kim Petras shares ‘Problematique’ record

Kim Petras has unexpectedly released her long-awaited album Problematique as a surprise for her fans.

The record was previously shelved after partially leaking online. Instead Petras released a completely different album earlier this year.

Now the album has been unearthed from the vault allowing fans to enjoy 10 tracks of euphoric escapist pop inspired by French house music and Parisian soundscapes.

The record includes a duet with Paris Hilton titled All She Wants. 

The album and it’s promotional images were shot by acclaimed photographer Stephen Klein.

The North American leg of Kim’s upcoming Feed The Beast Tour, produced by Live Nation, kicks off September 27 in Austin, TX, bringing her larger-than-life live show to major US cities coast to coast.

Kim will then embark on a UK/European run of shows beginning February 13 in Birmingham.

Problematique tracklist:

Side A
Je T’Adore
All She Wants (featuring Paris Hilton)
Born Again
Something About U

Side B
Treat Me Like A Ho
Dirty Things
Love Ya Leave Ya

Famous Lost Records

Kim Petras fans haven’t had to wait to long for the lost record to surface. Over the years many prominent artists have recorded albums and then shelved their plans to release them.

Some have emerged years later, while others are still in the vaults with fans hoping they will see the light of day sometime in the future.

George Michael – Trojan Souls In 1992 George Michael headed into the studio to make a new record. Michael’s plan for the album was to write a series of songs, but mostly have them sung by other artists. Among the talents lined up for the album were good friend Elton John alongside Anita Baker, Seal, Sade and Aretha Franklin. Some of the unfinished instrumental recordings from this album have leaked online. The project was also filmed for a planned documentary. After Michael’s death some raw footage of him the studio was shared on YouTube, but it has since been removed.

Prince: The Black Album in 1987 Price announced the follow up to his highly successful double album Sign ‘O the Times, would be an album called The Black Album – it had a completely black cover, the opposite of The Beatles White Album. Preview copies of the album were released, but then unexpectedly they were pulled. A few months later Prince released LoveSexy instead. The Black Album did finally get released in 1994 and critics panned it. Prince also recorded music with jazz legend Miles Davis which has also never seen the light of day. Kylie Minogue recently shared that she recorded a song with the Purple one too, and she hopes his estate will share it someday.

Duran Duran – Reportage In 2006 Duran Duran recorded a whole album that never got a release. Soon after band member Andy Taylor quit (for a second time) and the remaining members went on to fulfill their record company’s request for a more modern pop album. They teamed up with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake to make Red Carpet Massacre. 

Deborah Conway’s Dance album: After Conway’s band Do-Re-Mi called it quits she signed a solo record deal and spent a year in the late ’80s making her first solo album, a Paula Abdul style dance record. The first single was a dance version of the Bad Company tune Feel Like Making Love. The single was only ever released in the UK and record label Virgin decided, much to Conway’s relief, not to put out the album. A year later she launched her solo career with the fabulous String of Pearls album.

Ryan Adams: Suicide Handbook singer Ryan Adams followed up his year 2000 debut solo record Heartbreaker with a raw sounding album called The Suicide Handbook, but it was dropped an the much more polished record Gold came out instead. Adams has indicated the album will eventually get a release but fans are still waiting. There’s no shortage of albums from Adams, he’s released 25 solo albums, six of which came out in 2022.

David Bowie: Toy Prior to releasing Heathen in 2002 David Bowie was in the studio working on an album called Toy. Not liking the results Bowie scrapped the record, but a few tracks were re-worked an included on Heathen. The unreleased album leaked online in 2011 and got an official release in 2022.

Noel Gallagher’s collaboration with Androgynous Anonymous: Oasis singer Noel Gallagher recorded an album with electronic producers Amorphous Androgynous, who also perform under the moniker Future Sound of London. The record was recorded at the same time as the first ‘High Flying Birds’ album. One of the tracks Shoot a hole into the sun ended up as a b-side, and other tracks were seriously re-worked for a later release. Gallagher said after touring with his first solo record, he “couldn’t be arsed” putting out another one, in later interviews he revealed he’d destroyed the master tapes so it could never be released.

Carly Rae Jepson – Disco Sweat In 2019 Carly Rae Jepsen recorded a whole album that was heavily inspired by Swedish group ABBA’s classic 70s sounds. While retro-disco sounds were doing well in charts with Kylie Minogue and Dua Lipa embracing the past, Jepson clearly decided it was the wrong direction for her, and the album remains unreleased.

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