Surprises Galore at Connections

DSC_0309JIMJAMWEBConnections Nightclub delivered an outstanding night of fun on Saturday night.

Not only did DJ JimJam bring a serious party to the main dance floor, a host of Fringe World’s top international performers delivered surprise performances on the terrace.

DSC_0294JIMJAMWEBOut on the terrace La Soiree’s Ursula Martinez appeared in front of the spotlight.

Taking a swig of champagne from a bottle, she asked if anyone had a light for her cigarette.

Encouraging the crowd to rave on with her to the sound of Mousse T’s track ‘Fire’.

Suddenly there was a flash of fire as Martinez’s minimal nipple covering went up in flames.

Soon the other breast covering was also disappearing in a flash. By the end of the mesmerizing performance little of the artist’s costume remained.

DSC_0272JIMJAMWEBMartinez wasn’t the only La Soiree alumni shedding a costume.

The amazing Jess Love performed her hula hoop routine after stripping off her costume – much to the crowd’s delight.

DSC_0308JIMJAMWEBScottee, whose solo show opens at Connections this Wednesday, hosted the night.

The club entertainer impressed the crowd with his offbeat magic routine and rousing rendition of a ’90’s pop classic sing-a-long.

DSC_0239JIMJAMWEBThe cast of East End Cabaret Bernadette Byrne and  Victor Victoria also took to the stage for a rousing musical number.


Catch Scottee at Connections in ‘The Worst of Scotee’. 

Jess Love and Ursula Martinez are appearing in La Soiree in the Pleasure Garden.

Eastend Cabaret: Sexual Tension opens on Saturday at The Pleasure Gardens.

Tickets are available from 



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