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On This Gay Day: Brandon Teena was brutally murdered

The life story of Brandon Teena was told in the award winning 1999 film Boys Don’t Cry. His death is seen as a critical event that led to the introduction of hate crime legislation in the USA. Content Warning: This story contains details of sexual assault, violence and transphobia. On this day in 1993 transgender man Brandon […]


Remembering Brandon Teena 1972 – 1993

Tomorrow marks twenty years since trans* man Brandon Teena was murdered by gunshot in Humbroldt, Nebraska.  Chillingly, Brandon had previously filed a police report of his assault and rape by the soon- to-be murderers, John Lotter and Marvin Nissen. Brandon was born December 12th, 1972 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Although born a girl and named by […]


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