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LGBTI Bands Come Together for Lickmypalooza

Local musician Kiera Owen, vocalist of rock band Rag n’ Bone has been busy organising shows with her side project, entitled ‘Uh-Huh’. Her newest show, ‘Lickmypalooza’ promises a unique night of music catered specifically for the LGBT community. ‘Lickmypalooza’ promises a lineup of great local bands coming together for an eclectic night of music at […]

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Soundtrack to Your Life: Kiera Owen

Soundtrack to Your Life: Kiera Owen

Kiera Owen, frontwoman of local indie rock band Rag N’ Bone (pictured, second from left) tells us which songs would play during her Oscar-winning moments. First kiss? Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye Strutting down the street? Definitely some Tina Turner. No song in particular, just any. So much sass. Big break up song? Soon We’ll […]

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