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Bibliophile | Robert Dessaix celebrates magic of reading in ‘Abracadabra’

Abracadabra by Robert Dessaix Brio Books Currently living in Hobart with Peter Timms, his partner of 40 years who is also a writer, Robert Dessaix is in demand as a guest speaker but sometimes the audiences for his words of wisdom are quite small. While podcasts can attract huge audiences around the globe, Dessaix’s talks […]

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Bibliophile | Growing older can be ‘The Time of Our Lives’

The Time of Our Lives by Robert Dessaix (Brio Books) Audio book narrated by Paul English (Wavesound) Robert Dessaix is at a Yogyakarta hotel when he starts contemplating growing old. At 76 years of age, he is watching a 25 year-old Balinese wellness instructor on the lawn with a group of elderly hotel guests as […]

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