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Review | ‘UNHEIMLICH’ brims with otherworldliness

Review | ‘UNHEIMLICH’ brims with otherworldliness

UNHEIMLICH | PICA | Until 2nd Oct | ★ ★ ★ ★ ½  UNHEIMLICH is an unnerving work. A hybrid of art and live performance, this new piece from co-creator’s Katt Osborne and Tarryn Gill explores the unsettling power dynamic of a heteronormative relationship as it slips into abuse and alienation. UNHEIMLICH is not for the faint-hearted, but […]


‘UNHEIMLICH’ is an intriguing new work coming to PICA

Conjuring fantastical imagery from the recesses of the human mind, UNHEIMLICH is a thrilling new performance work by director and The Last Great Hunt alumni Katt Osborne and multidisciplinary artist Tarryn Gill. Dip into the darkly-comic dream state where a house-cat will be your guide. Join a happy couple on this journey where dreams and […]

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