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Yana Alana is Back for More

Yana Alana is Back for More

Cabaret star Yana Alana is returning to Fringe World this year with her one-woman show (with two people), ‘Between the Cracks’. Joined by her long-suffering accompanist Louise Goh, Alana boldly goes where no woman has gone before with song, dance, poetry and tantrums. Since her last turn at Fringe World, Alana has left a trail […]

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Yana Alana: Bold and Blue

The outrageous Yana Alana arrives in Perth this month for Fringe World. The singer takes to the stage covered in blue paint for a performance that is distinctly unique. Is there a challenge in pushing boundaries- knowing how far to push and when to stop? Yeah there is actually. I think as long as I’m […]


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